Writing a good CV

djibouticvYour CV highlights your professional achievements and is very important for Employers. Recruiters receive many CV’s and your achievements and qualifications need to impress them. Beside your skills and professional life your CV has to be structured and has to tell something personal about you.

A good and structured curriculum in five steps:

  1. Try to keep it short

Usually a CV should not exceed more than two pages. If you don’t have much working experience than one page should be enough.

2. Structure it

Give it structure by using headers such as Work Experience, Study and others.

3. Formal

Your resume should be formal but has to stand out. Use a good looking yet formal lay-out.

4. Include a profile description

Describe yourself by using your strong points. Put this on the first page and don’t use more than three strong points/skills.

5. Put the most important things on the first page

The most important and recent work experience should be at the top.

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