How to write a good Cover Letter

djibouticoverletter10 Tips for Writing a good Cover Letter

A Cover Letter is for most job applications needed. Here are some tips for you to follow.

1. Find the requirements needed for the job and write them down

Read the job description carefully and write down the three most important qualifications/skills. Address these three skills in your Cover Letter. This way you will show that you are qualified. Make sure to use the same words and language in your letter as the Employer. The rest of the requirements or skills can be addressed in the CV.

2. Keep the sentences short

Just like in the CV you have to keep it short. That means that you have to avoid using long sentences.

3. Try not to repeat everything on your CV in your Cover Letter

Your Cover Letter is not a summary of your resume. Repeat only what is really important for the job. Use your letter to tell more about your motivation and why you like the company so much. Try to be specific and tell your story.

4. Send it to the right person/department

Always try to find out who the contact person is that you have to send your letter to. If you don’t know contact the company and ask.

5. Use unique letter for your application

Some people use a standard Cover Letter. However because every job or company is different you should use a different letter for each application. An unique letter that shows your interest in the job is always better. A recruiter will immediately see if you use standard letter with clichés.

6. Mention only experience that is important to the job

You should determine which past work experience is relevant to the job. Other experiences that are not relevant to the job should be left out.

7. Tell and convince why you are the ideal candidate for the job

Communicate clearly who you are and why you should be the one they have to choose for this job.

8. Explain why you are enthusiastic about the company and job

Show how motivate you are and highlight your interest in your field. Make sure you have facts and arguments ready. Companies will want to know more about you as a person.

9. Read how to apply

Read the job description carefully and follow exactly the instruction on how to apply.

10. Double check your letter for errors

Always read and double check to see if everything has been written correctly. Use tools such as spelling checker or let a friend read your Cover Letter.

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