How to answer 5 difficult questions

naamloos12Don’t fall for these 5 difficult questions.

Are you having an interview soon? No matter how well you have prepared, there will always be a few difficult questions. The recruiter wants to make it hard for you so he/she can see how you deal with tough questions and situations. We provide you some tips to answer these questions.

  1. Why do you want to work here?

The trap: This question seems normal. However the recruiter would like to know if you really want to work for the company or if you are someone who accepts any other job.

How to answer: Show that you have prepared well and that you know a lot about the company. Be enthusiastic and show your interest in the company and the industry. After you have done this, talk about the job position and why you are qualified to work for the company.

  1. Is this job similar to your previous jobs?

The Trap: This can be interpreted in two ways. Either the recruiter just want to know where you have applied before. Or they want to know if you see a long career for yourself in the company and your job title.

How to answer: In either cases you should talk as little as possible about your other job application. Don’t call names of companies that you have applied to. If you have applied multiple times for the same or similar job, them say for example: “This is the industry that I’m interested in and would like to work as a professional. “

  1. Are you someone who checks his emails during holidays?

The Trap: It looks like an easy question that you should answer with yes. However note that some Employers prefer people who can enjoy their holidays and take a break when they have the chance to do that.

How to answer: Show that you want to have a healthy balance between work and relaxation. Say for example: “I don’t try to work during my holiday. Before I go for a break I try to finish my workload and inform my colleagues about important things that I have left behind. I also give my number so colleagues can call me in case of an emergency. “ This answer is the best of both sides.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The Trap: Companies don’t like to spend effort and money in employees who are not staying for a long time. It is important not to come across as someone who changes his job often and can leave quickly.

How to answer: Tell that you would like to continue to grow and learn more in your field. That you want to stay updated and develop new skills that are useful for your job. Employers like people who are willing to learn and are active in their field.

  1. Tell me something about your dream job

The Trap: Passion for the job is very important in order to succeed. With this questions the recruiter want to determine how motivated you are to getting this specific job.

How to answer: If the job that you are applying for is honestly your dream job than you can simply say this. If it is not your dream job than it is more difficult to answer. Play it safe. Say for example that you think it is important to work and that this job suits you very well. Tell that this is the right choice for your career.

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